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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Every country we travel to awards us with unusual experiences that we carry in our hearts throughout our lives. Whether it's an adventurous hike, mesmerizing landscapes and views, or celebration of cultural and spiritual traditions together with locals - these memories, so dear our hearts, stay with us and remind us of all these places we once visited.

Situated on the crossroads of the East and West, Armenia, an ancient country with history extending for over 3000 years, has always attracted travelers and explorers from all over the world. Wanderers and adventurers, they come here in search of the unknown and discover centuries-old churches and monasteries, snow-peaked mountains and breathtaking landscapes, deep canyons and rapid rivers, exquisite dishes and wine, astonishing hospitality of the Armenians, and many more.

At Ecokayan.com, we devoted ourselves to uncovering Armenia through unique stories, providing you, dear reader, with extraordinary experiences and photographs, and hoping to motivate you to travel to Armenia and explore the country yourself! Our writers are travelers themselves who visited Armenia, or are now traveling around the country now, exploring it and sharing their experiences and useful travel tips about Armenia with us.

Our articles are divided into three main categories: Explore Armenia, Armenian Experiences and Travel Tip. "Explore Armenia" offers unique stories about Armenia - its people, culture, traditions, religion, nature, cuisine - carrying us on a mesmerizing journey to discover the secrets hidden in the mountains of the country. "Armenian Experiences" depicts Armenia through the prism of those travelers who wander around the country, embrace its culture and people, explore its history and traditions, and share their experiences, thoughts and feelings, giving us the opportunity to see and experience Armenia, too. And finally, "Travel Tips": travelers ourselves, we know how useful can the travel tips be, especially when traveling to a new country. Our insiders' travel tips for Armenia are here to help you travel and get around in Armenia like a local.

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