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6 Things to do in Yerevan when Traveling with Children

Captain Kid's Treasure Island in Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

6 Things to do in Yerevan when Traveling with Children

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Yerevan’s numerous cafés, pubs, bars, or even the touristic sites can be of little help when you are traveling in Armenia with children. Children experience traveling in a different way, and they sure need their fair share of fun! Luckily, Yerevan has many interesting options for travelers with children, which include such must-visit places for kids as the colorful singing fountains at the Republic Square or the Swan Lake. In this article, I compiled a list of attractions for children, which you might as well enjoy just as much.


Victory park in Yerevan, amusement park - what to do in Yerevan when traveling with children

Ferris Wheel at Victory Park in Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The Victory Park, commonly referred to as ‘Monument’, is one of the oldest amusement parks in Yerevan, established in the 1950s and named so after the victory in the WW2. Located at the top of the Cascade complex, the Victory Park is home to an exciting amusement park, an artificial pond to go kayaking, a large park for a family picnic, as well as cafés and other attractions. There’s roller coaster, race track, bumper cars, labyrinths, tennis, shooting range and many other carousels. And of course, the Ferris wheel – for those who want to see the entire city of Yerevan in its glory. The cost of tickets for attractions ranges from 500-1500 AMD.

You can get here by public transportation from downtown Yerevan. Or you can opt in for a more fun and adventurous option and take a 30-minute walk, climbing up the stairs of the Cascade Complex. Once you reach the top, the entrance to the Victory Park will be on your right.

Address: Azatutyan Avenue

Phone: +37410205881


Yerevan Water World - aqua park in Yerevan

Yerevan Water World / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The Yerevan Water World or Aquapark is located on Myasnikyan Avenue in the Nor Nork district, only 5-7 minutes’ drive from downtown Yerevan. This water park usually operates in summer months with 7 outdoor and 3 indoor pools and numerous slides fitted for children and adults. Be ready to interact with locals, since this is a favorite summer pastime for Yerevan residents.

The entrance fee for children under 90cm is free, children from 90-120cm - 4,000 AMD and from 120cm and above - 6,000 AMD.

Address: 40 Myasnikyan St.

Phone: +37410638998


Yerevan Botanical Garden, Armenia

Botanical garden, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Located about 5-10-minute drive from downtown Yerevan, the Yerevan Botanical Garden occupies around 80 hectares of land and is a home to over 200 species of endemic and rare plants representative of the Armenian flora. It features an herbarium and an arboretum, as well as a shop where you can buy plants. The Yerevan Botanical Garden is a popular location for outdoor picnics with family and friends. You can also bring your bicycle and have a joyful ride along the colorful alleys of the garden. Overall, it’s a beautiful place for a family day in nature.

The entrance fee is 150 AMD for children and 300 AMD for adults.

Address: 1 Acharyan St.

Phone: +37443490002


Play City entertainment center in Yerevan

Play City entertainment center, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The Play City is an entertainment center in Yerevan that offers a wide variety of attractions and fun activities, and children of all ages are sure to find something meeting their interests here while parents can relax at the nearby café. Located about 10 minutes’ drive from the center of Yerevan, Play City features karting, shooting range, bowling, buggy, game machines, 7D Cinema, bumper car, mini golf, paintball, billiards, as well as a restaurant and a café. You can also organize a birthday party here.

These are the prices for some of the activities at Play City:

Karting - 1000-1500 AMD per lap

Shooting range - 1000 AMD for 50 bullets

Bowling - 6000-12,000 AMD per hour

Paintball - 60-80 AMD per cartridge

Mini golf – 2000 AMD per person

Address: 35 Acharyan St.

Phone: +37410620999


Yerevan Children's Railway - things to do in Yerevan when traveling with children

Yerevan Children's Railway / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Founded in 1937, the Children’s Railway in Yerevan celebrated its 80th anniversary just a couple of days ago. All covered in plants and greenery, the park was renovated recently and now features cute narrow alleys, statues of animals, newer attractions, as well as the old children’s railway, which now functions again, taking children and their parents on a short ride through the scenic canyon of Hrazdan river.

The railway ride costs 300 AMD, other attractions and carousels available at the side cost 300-1000 AMD.

Address: 130 Dzorapi Street, Hrazdan Gorge.


Captain Kid's Treasure Island in Yerevan

Captain Kid's Treasure Island, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Located inside the Yerevan Mall, only 10 minutes’ drive from the city center, the Captain Kid’s Treasure Island children’s entertainment center offers some fun activities for children aged 3 to 18 years old. The center occupies an area of 2000 square meters, its attractions include video games, labyrinth city, bumper cars, trampoline, bowling and many others.

You’ll have to purchase a card first (costs AMD 200), then load as much credit as you want. The attractions cost AMD 200 - 2000.

In addition, you can check out the Kinopark Cinema in the same mall, which has screenings in English language every day.

Address: 34/3 Arshakunyats St.

Phone: +37411200022


* All Prices are indicated as of September 2017

**1 USD = 477 AMD (as of September 20, 2017)