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6 Armenian Fashion Brands to Shop in Yerevan - Accessories

Armenian fashion brands to shop in Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan/SeflTravelGuide

6 Armenian Fashion Brands to Shop in Yerevan - Accessories

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In our article on 7 Armenian Fashion Brands to Shop in Yerevan - Clothing we presented to our readers a list of popular Armenian designer clothing brands. In this article, we have compiled a list of accessories brands, including jewelry, hats, sunglasses, bags and others. These brands are definitely not the complete list of all established and new Armenian designers that create amazingly beautiful pieces every day, but this is a good list to start exploring with.

Here you go!


Pregomesh - Armenian fashion accessories brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Pregomesh combines Armenian jewelry traditions and modern fashion trends / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

This is probably the most popular modern jewelry line established by internationally famed Armenian singer and performer Sirusho. The pieces are a smart combination of ancient Armenian jewelry traditions and ornaments and modern fashion trends, which makes them a unique gift to take with you from Armenia. This piece of jewelry will complete your look with a sophisticated ethnic touch and will make you the center of attention at any gathering. You can purchase the items online at Pregomesh or “Arev Souvenirs” Store on 2/5 Abovyan St., as well as at Dalma Garden Mall on 3 Tsitsernakaberd Highway.


Bamboo panda - Armenian fashion brands to shop in Yerevan

Bamboo Panda is an eco-friendly fashion brand / Photo: Courtesy of Bamboo Panda

The founders of the Bamboo Panda brand came up with the idea of founding an eco-friendly fashion brand while on a vacation in the Philippines. Upon return, they embarked on working on designing products that will be produced from natural materials like bamboo, sandalwood, zebrawood and cork wood, which undergo treatment with mixtures of oils and waxes for durability. The designs are minimalistic and each piece is handmade. Accessories in the brand’s collections include sunglasses, wallets and bags, extraordinarily beautiful wood watches, and even sneakers made of cork wood. If you need a present that stands out, check out Bamboo Panda at 5Concept store (65 Teryan St.), Muraba Shop (24 Moskovyan St.) and Yerevan Mall on 34 Arshakunyats Ave.


Artuyt - Armenian fashion accessories brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Artuyt's designs are based on Armenian ornaments and paintings / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Arevik Arakelyan, the founder of Artuyt, came us with the idea of creating a brand based on the museum-shop concept after visiting Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Realizing how much Armenia can offer with its history of art and paintings by contemporary Armenian masters, she founded a line of scarves based on already existing paintings, ancient Armenian stamp ornaments, as well as paintings young artists create specially for the brand. According to Miss Arakelyan, this is another way to beautifully present Armenian art to the world and, why not, recall it once again for ourselves. You can view the latest collection at 5Concept or at the specialized store on 26/3 Vazgen Sargsyan St.

4. 47

47 -

47 mainly creates with silver - the 47th element of Mendeleev’s periodic table / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

The brand name derives from the 47th element of Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements — argentum — for silver is the main metal that the brand creates with. The pieces are elegant and minimalistic, but sophisticated at the same time. Every piece of this statement jewelry is handmade by professional silver masters in Armenia. Find jewelry by 47 at 5Concept on 65 Teryan St.


Kara Silver - Armenian fashion and accessories brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Kara Silver is known for its handmade silver jewelry / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Established in 2008 by Armenian self-taught fashion jewelry designer Kara Avetisyan, the Kara Silver brand is represented in a specialized salon of handmade silver jewelry. The business counts over a thousand pieces of artwork and almost 10 years in operation, all prepared by female employees. These author works stem from legends and histories, some depict ancient Armenian petroglyphs, and in general each is a wholesome peace of an idea or a story behind it. The materials used are silver, leather, wood, enamel, precious and semi-precious stones. According to the designer herself, at least half of all sales fall on the share of the visitors of the capital. Find them at the specialized store on Pushkin 54.


Nshanyan headwear - Armenian fashion and accessories brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Nshanyan Headwear offers unique designer hats / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Nshanyan Hats has been presenting its works in the Armenian market for already 5 years. Karine Arutyunyan, along with other designers, initially launched a line of fascinators, but seeing the demand of designer hats in the market, expanded the line to include all types of headwear with the use of fedora, lace, silk, fur, embroidery and other elements that fit any season or occasion. The brand is currently represented at 5Concept store as well as at Dalma Garden Mall and Yerevan Mall isles.

Once again, this is by no means a complete list since there are dozens of great Armenian designers you can go for. We hope you will enjoy taking with you a wearable piece made in Armenia and recall your journey every occasion you wear it.