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7 Armenian Fashion Brands to Shop in Yerevan - Clothing

Armenian fashion brands to shop in Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan/SelfTravelGuide

7 Armenian Fashion Brands to Shop in Yerevan - Clothing

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The first thing that comes to mind when shopping for presents after a journey to Armenia is the traditional set of brands and products that Armenia is famous for. Armenian brandy, dried nuts and fruits and recently even a wide variety of high quality wines cannot be replaced. They are a part of the brand called Armenia on par with churches, khachkars (cross-stones) and our mountainous landscapes.

As a supplement and by no means a replacement to the above-mentioned traditional Armenian gifts, we decided to present to you products that so beautifully demonstrate Armenia as a place, where the new is created constantly along with the revival of the old. If you’re shopping for gifts to take back home with you, we suggest that you explore beyond myriads of souvenir shops that that you can find at almost every corner of central Yerevan. Check out these extraordinary modern Armenian fashion brands that have not only come to enjoy the love of locals but are also successfully entering foreign markets. This time we’ll be looking at fashion brands — clothing and please note that this list is far from complete, but a good start to explore.


Clothes by Kivera Naynomis - Armenian fashion brand, Yerevan, Armenia

Kivera Naynomis is recognized for its elegance and femininity / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Launched back in 2005, “Kivera Naynomis” is the brand established by famous designer Arevik Simonyan (fun fact — brand name is the designer’s name spelled in reverse). Over the past decade, the brand has produced unique collections Haute Couture and Prêt à Porter that were showcased internationally and have become recognized for their tribute to elegance, femininity and luxury. You can shop anything from brooches to t-shirts to evening dresses. You can check them out online at Kivera Naynomis or at the specialized store at 8 Teryan St.


Kevork Shadoyan is one of the most renowned of Armenian fashion designers, who started his brand line back in 1999 in Lebanon. Now having established in Armenia and regularly presenting Haute Couture and Prêt à Porter collections, Shadoyan brand has gained fame among the celebrity circles in Armenia, as well as abroad. His collections have been showcased in the USA, France, Australia, Belarus and many other countries. The uniqueness of this brand is that it was one of the first to combine traditional Armenian taraz (national dress) elements and create colorful pieces with the base of raw silk died and supplemented with beads and embroidery. An item from this designer will definitely be a unique addition to your wardrobe for special occasions. Check it out at Shadoyan Fashion or at the boutique store on 7/2 Amiryan St.


Shoes by Petoor - Armenian fashion brand, Yerevan, Armenia

Petoor - a loved brand among fashionistas of Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Petoor brought an uncommon for Armenia trend to the market, when it launched its line of sleepwear that can also be work in the streets. After the initial buzz it become a loved brand among the local fashionistas, who were soon ready to wear designer pajamas our in the city. The line is mainly made of high quality silk and cotton fabrics. Recently the brand also launched a line of shoes. Check them out at 5Concept on 65 Teryan St.


Loom Weaving - Armenian fashion brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Loom Weaving creates most of its items by hand / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Loom Weaving was established in 2014 by designer Inga Manukyan and has been seeing constant growth ever since. The handmade factor is greatly emphasized with the majority of items being created by hand. Starting with production of cardigans and sweaters initially, the line has expanded to offer anything from scarves to skirts and trousers. Their latest “Rose Line” collection is urban-themed and includes famous Yerevan trademark notes, such as Mother Armenia statue theme. The brand is represented at 5 Concept store as well as a few boutiques in Kiev, Los Angeles and Kazakhstan. Men’s collection is also sold at Man in Town (37 Tumanyan St.) boutique in Yerevan.


Ruzane - Armenian fashion brand in Yerevan, Armenia

Ruzane's main styles are casual and boho / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Launched in February this year by designer Ruzanna Vardanyan, Ruzane is already represented in 3 fashion clothing stores in the capital and realizes sales via Facebook and Instagram as well. The main styles the brand creates in are casual and boho, which, especially boho style, according to the designer herself, can be considered unique to this brand in Armenia. The collections usually focus on the materials used, such as fabric and leather, fabric and knitted items, etc. The brand presented its collection at Kiev Fashion Week in September and is now preparing for a fashion show in Jordan. You can shop for Ruzane at 5Concept (65 Teryan St.), El Fashion Avenue (33 Tumanyan St.) and Man in Town (37 Tumanyan St.) stores in Yerevan.

6. Z.G.EST

Z.G.EST - Armenian fashion brand, Yerevan, Armenia

Z.G.EST uses elements of Armenian manuscripts in its design / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Z.G.EST is a relatively new brand, established by Alla Pavlova in 2016, which, however, has already gained its loyal following. Initially focusing on the production of shirts with unorthodox design solutions, the brand further on expanded to include almost all imaginable pieces of a wardrobe. In its design, the brand uses elements of Armenian manuscripts in their modern interpretation. One of the main principle of the brand’s operation is to ensure limited edition to minimize the risk of the customers meeting anyone else wearing the same item. As one of the 5 co-founders of 5Concept store (65 Teryan St.) of modern Armenian fashion clothing and accessories, Z.G.EST is represented there as well.


Naghash combines Armenian culture and modern fashion trends / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

This brand was founded with the underlying idea of combining Armenian culture and modern fashion trends in a line of clothing. The brand’s collections usually focus on a specific art direction or artist. For instance, the brand’s “Qobayr” collection depicted images of partly destroyed Armenian churches and temples, while “Saryan” collection included scenes and colors from the paintings of famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan. The brand usually works with designers from the younger generation, who bring new ideas and concepts to the collections. New Spring/Summer 2018 collection, called “Minas," is inspired by the paintings of famous Armenian painter Minas Avetisyan and is now available for purchase at 5Concept store and via the brand’s Facebook page.

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