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Non-Smoking Yerevan: My Selection of Best Venues

Non-smoking venues in Yerevan, Armenia / Image: Viktorya Mizroyan/SelfTravelGuide

Non-Smoking Yerevan: My Selection of Best Venues

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Recently, while conversing with one of my American friends, who is allergic to cigarette smoke, I felt concerned at his statement that there are very few venues in Armenia he can hang out at because everyone smokes everywhere. This forced me to investigate the issue further and compose a more or less complete list of venues where people with such health concerns and people, who simply want to enjoy their evening without smoke, can allow themselves such simple comfort in Armenia’s capital. Below is the categorized list of non-smoking venues in Yerevan to choose from with descriptions and further details.


Cinnabon Yerevan - non-smoking cafe in Yerevan, Armenia

Cinnabon Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

CINNABON /no smoking inside/

Cinnabon is located in the heart of Yerevan, right on the Northern Avenue. Even when just passing by, you are being lured in by the tempting aroma of desserts fresh out of the oven. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of coffee and teas, baked goods with their specialty cinnamon roll, combined with friendly atmosphere and nice music. It is also a great place to visit with children.

Address: 10/3 Northern Ave. | Phone: +374 93 545 903 | Facebook page

LOUIS CHARDEN /strictly non-smoking/

All wrapped up in authentically French flair, Louis Charden meets the expectations of the name both in its interior design and the desserts you can savor there. With the homemade yogurts, macaroons, baked goods and a large variety of ice-creams, this is a paradise for children.

Address: 11/19 Amiryan St. | Phone: +374 95 505 444 | Facebook page

CRUMBS BREAD FACTORY /strictly non-smoking/

Specialized in baked goods as well as catering services, Crumbs provides a convenient place to visit with the family. Croissants, cupcakes, and freshly baked bread, as well as a regular menu are available from early morning until midnight.

Address: 37 Mashtots Ave. | Phone: +374 10 546 424; +374 10 537 013; +374 10 703 307 | Facebook page

IL SOLO GELATO /no smoking inside/

Pop-cakes, muffins, tarts, crapes, and of course a huge variety of gelato will get your eyes wondering and your mouth watering finding it hard what to choose. Basically, find any desert you can think of in this Italian gelateria. Kids just love this place, which is mostly always crowded.

Address: 6 Northern Ave. | Phone: +374 10 502 602 | Facebook page


Mamoor - non-smoking restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia

Mamoor restaurant, Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

DOLMAMA /separate non-smoking section/

Established in 1998, Dolmama is one of the most famous restaurants to go for traditional Armenian food. As you can guess from its name, famous Armenian dolma (minced meat with rice and a variety of herbs wrapped in grape leaves) is their special dish, which they make by their unique recipe. The interior is unpretentious but at the same time elegant with paintings, patterned walls, curtains, reminding of a fairly affluent 20th century Armenian home. Call for reservations.

Address: 10 Pushkin St. | Phone: +374 10 561 354 | Facebook page

ANOUSH RESTAURANT /strictly non-smoking/

The venue features a mix of modern design and authentic Armenian traditions reflected in the ambiance, the music and the meals offered. The staff is knowledgeable and will guide you through the best selection of your dish with the most suitable bottle of wine from the rich wine card. Due to its professionalism the place has become greatly favored both among the locals and visitors of the capital.

Address: 7/1 Amiryan St. | Phone: +374 11 757 505 | Facebook page

MAMOOR RESTAURANT /first floor strictly non-smoking/

Open till 1:00 AM, this cosy restaurant designed with a smart combination of wood and stone and warm lighting will make you feel at home and offer you high quality meal options from a rich menu. The dishes come in beautifully served compositions that please the taste and the eye. Friendly staff. Suits for family dinners.

Address: 14 Abovyan St. | Phone: +374 44 548 484 | Facebook page

SALON RESTAURANT /separate non-smoking section/

Serving high-quality traditional Armenian dishes at more than reasonable prices, Salon is one of the most favored places among the locals for family dinners and gatherings for occasions, such as birthdays, christenings or reunions. This place is also often a venue to invite foreign guests. The interior is light and cosy with artwork on the walls, giving out that homey feel. Great for lunch and dinner.

Address: 8 Abovyan St. | Phone: +347 11 443 333 | Facebook page

CHARENTSI 28 /first floor strictly non-smoking/

Getting its name from its location in the city, the restaurant follows the traditions of home restaurants. It features tables both inside and outside in the courtyard with trees and the balcony. Covered in artwork and statuettes, the place is ideal for a romantic dinner or a family gathering with children. There is also a nice selection of wine and vegetarian meal options.

Address: 28 Charents St. | Phone: +374 10 572 945 | Facebook page


Wine Republic - non-smoking wine bar in Yerevan, Armenia

Wine Republic, Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

DARGETT CRAFT BREWERY /separate non-smoking floor/

Dargett is a specialized craft brewery that offers a huge variety of locally made and imported beer, as well as extremely delicious snacks to go with it. The place is very popular among the visitors of the city due to its western style design and friendly service. It often features bands playing on weekends.

Address: 72 Aram St. | Phone: +374 96 870 870 | Facebook page

WINE REPUBLIC /strictly non-smoking/

Hands down one of the best places to dine at in Yerevan with famous mussels, mouthwatering dishes seasoned with highly professional service and shelves of wine that will get you all excited for the evening. The crowd is also probably best you can ask for. It is quite popular, so be sure to reserve.

Address: 2 Tamanyan St. | Phone: +374 55 001 100 | Facebook page


KARMA /separate non-smoking section/

Karma is a specialized national cuisine restaurant that offers Indian food, and the food is the main advantage of the venue. The space is relatively small, but gives the specific authentic feel you would expect. If you long for some Indian dishes, this is the place to visit in Yerevan and if you have never tried, this is the place to start with.

Address: 65 Teryan St. | Phone: +374 10 589 215 | Facebook page

INGREDIENT /strictly non-smoking/

Founded by a dietitian specializing in developing and creating the healthiest dishes based on organic produce and ingredients, and following all health practices in food preparation, the place has become a favorite hangout for the health-conscious. You can find healthy fish and meat dishes, as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and raw meal options here.

Address: 10 Vazgen Sargsyan St. | Phone: +374 11 700 055 | Facebook page

DRAGON GARDEN /separate non-smoking floor/

Specialized in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Dragon Garden offers sushi, a variety of soups, salads and other dishes of Asian cuisine on the separate non-smoking floor. It has nice authentic ambiance and friendly staff.

Address: 31 Mashtots St. | Phone: +374 60 757 588 | Facebook page


Baguette & Co. - non-smoking cafe in Yerevan

Baguette & Co., Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

THE GREEN BEAN /strictly non-smoking/

The coffee shop strictly adheres to the eco-friendliness concept and allows no smoking inside. Being established in 2012, it has become a regular hangout for people who want to avoid smoke and enjoy a delicious meal. The atmosphere is cosy and is great for getting some work done combined with a cup of delicious coffee, dessert or a bite to eat.

Address: 10 Amiryan St. | Phone: +374 91 529 279 | Facebook page

BAGUETTE & CO. /non-smoking inside/

The moment you enter, your eyes are pleased with the beautiful display of all types of cookies, sandwiches, muffins, and freshly baked artisan breads. The coffee selection is also satisfying to senses. The service is fast, the atmosphere is great and the place is very child-friendly.

Address: 20 Abovyan St. | Phone: +374 11 202 299 | Facebook page


Initially a bookstore, eventually the venue expanded into a cafe and a gallery. Bookshelves and paintings on the walls, frequent bands playing and presentations of new books are characteristic of this place. It’s a great option to be used as a freelance workspace, library or just a place to relax and have a bite.

Address: 19 Saryan St. | Phone: +374 10 500 152; +374 91 018 098 | Facebook page

BURO WORK'N'ROLL /separate non-smoking section/

The venue is quite new, having opened this year, but has already gained its following. Based on the concept of a creative work and collaboration space, it is great for holding business meetings, writing your novel or working on the presentation in a homey space away from home. Here you can also get quality food and drinks.

Address:11 Nalbandyan St. | Phone: +374 11 550 990 | Facebook page

BRIOCHE /strictly non-smoking inside/

Another great French bakery to enjoy your breakfast or lunch at. If you can walk past the tempting look of the sandwiches and toasts, see if you can resist the aroma of the croissants, muffins and the fresh bread. Children will enjoy the venue as well.

Address: 31 Moskovyan St. | Phone: +374 11 561 111 | Facebook page

Twelve Tables /strictly non-smoking/

Extremely cosy and homey, this is one of the places you definitely want to check out. It is a handmade crafts store and a teahouse offering artisan teas and home-baked goods all at the same time. The service is super-friendly and the atmosphere with folk art all over the place is the best you can ask for. They are not open on Sundays.

Address: 40/63 Tumanyan St. | Phone: | Facebook page

ACHAJOUR /non-smoking section/

Located in the Lover’s Park, this is a favorite place for parents, who want to have the children entertained and get some work done at the same time. Mainly self-service, the place offers a nice selection of coffees, teas, smoothies, cookies and sandwiches, homemade and natural. And all this surrounded by trees and greenery.

Address: 21 Marshal Baghramyan Ave. | Phone: +374 10 536 766; +374 11 536 766; +374 55 966 866 | Facebook page

I hope by the time the article gets published there will be many new non-smoking venues opened around the city. But I also hope that this is a sufficient list to make a non-smoker’s life in Yerevan interesting and diverse.