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Vegan Fest Yerevan - Choose the Life

Vegan Fest Yerevan art work / Courtesy of Vegan Fest Yerevan

Vegan Fest Yerevan - Choose the Life

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Dedicated to animal protection and healthy lifestyle, the Vegan Fest Yerevan has its own unique place among the various annual festivals taking place in Armenia throughout the year. The festival’s motto “Choose the Life” is an attempt to show everyone that there can be a choice between your stomach, taste and life. But although the Vegan Fest is dedicated to the vegetarian/vegan movement, still everyone can participate in it. The fest attracts hundreds of locals and foreign travelers visiting Yerevan.

Vegan Fest Yerevan - vegan festival in Armenia

Vegan Fest Yerevan 2015 / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The first Vegan Fest took place in 2013, it was organized with the support of our friends from Russia and Georgia, with whom we actually became friends while organizing the festival. When we learned that they organize vegan festivals in different cities, we liked the idea and accepted their offer to host one in Yerevan. Our aim was to introduce an alternative lifestyle to locals and also show that vegetarians, too, are healthy, lively and happy. Thus, we decided to organize a joyful festival – with music, dances, vegetarian dishes and treats, exhibitions, games. The Vegan Fest Yerevan takes place in the end of September, or early October, which makes it a perfect time for the festival given the abundance of the fruits and vegetables.

Vegan Fest Yerevan - vegan festival in Armenia

Live music is an important part of the Vegan Fest Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The various activities held throughout the festival, which takes place at the Mashtots Park in the heart of Yerevan, and cheerful music playing loud attracts strangers and passersby who join us and participate in the workshops, listen to live performances by different local and guest bands and musicians. There’s also break dance, flamenco, incredible action performance by the Street Workout Armenia, yoga classes by experiences masters, Chinese tea ceremony, slackline and even free bicycle riding lessons. Children, too, can find activities to enjoy their time playing with dogs, or painting. And if you’re looking for a pet to adopt, then the Vegan Fest is the right place for it!

Street workout performance at Vegan Fest Yerevan - vegan festival in Armenia

Street workout performance / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Every year, there is also a vegetarian feast taking place within the framework of the festival – individuals and organizations prepare delicious vegetarian dishes and sweets and offer it to the participants free of charge. The feast is probably the most popular part of the festival, and there’s so much food that last year we didn’t have enough tables to display all the variety. In other words, the myth that vegetarians have nothing to eat gets busted during the festival.

Vegan Fest Yerevan - vegan festival in Armenia

Vegan food sharing at the festival / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The Vegan Fest Yerevan is a free festival, and offering all the activities and the treats free of charge is one of its key principles. The organization process requires a lot of energy and efforts, and we rely on volunteers who help us out, and sometimes we even go out and perform music on the streets to raise funds when needed. So, if you’re in Yerevan and you’d like to join our team, feel free to get in touch with me. Any help is appreciated. And it doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, or not – if you want to share the positive vibrations and the energy, then see you at the Vegan Fest Yerevan.

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