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Where to Hang Out in Dilijan

Dilijan street art work / Photo: Arty Om

Where to Hang Out in Dilijan

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If a cozy and friendly town surrounded by lush green forests, where almost everyone knows each other and where people can relax and restore their harmony with nature, is what you’re looking for while you travel around Armenia, then Dilijan is a must-visit! Located approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Yerevan within the Dilijan national park, the town of Dilijan is often referred to as the queen of green - for its mesmerizing mountains with alpine meadows and dense forests. A perfect place for hiking, cycling, or even walking, and of course, hanging out with friends! In this article, I’ll show you some of the best places to have a nice cup of coffee or a delicious meal in Dilijan.


Arriving to the central bus station of Dilijan from Yerevan, you will notice an artificial pond on your left right on one side of it. The pond has always been a great place to spend an evening outdoors both for locals and travelers. And over a year ago, a new attraction opened by the pond - the "Café #2". It’s famous for it’s exceptionally modern interior, friendly atmosphere, tasty food and drinks and many interesting initiatives. Within a short period of time, the venue became popular. Apart from their regular services, "Café #2" also organizes various events, including concerts, tea ceremonies, gathering many talented people under its roof. And their food delicious. You can come here at any time of the day and have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their cream soups are the best remedy for a cold Dilijan morning. Then order black coffee with a homemade biscuit and sit on the balcony to enjoy the view and contemplate on the wind playing with the waves.

Café #2, Dilijan, Armenia / Photo: Arty Om

Address: 17/1 Maksim Gorky street, Dilijan

Phone: +374 60 700805

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Cafenumber2/

How to get to “Café #2: Getting off the bus at the central station in Dilijan, first thing you’ll notice is an artificial pond, surrounded by willow trees gently bending their heads onto it. On one of the sides of the pond, you’ll see a beautiful building with a balcony that opens to the lake. It’s “Café #2”, with its cozy atmosphere, artistic interior and tasty food and drinks. 1-2 minutes walk from the bus station.


"Caffeine Brew Lab" was founded by two brave girls who decided to make their dream come true. A pretty and stylish place in Dilijan to spend an evening in a warm atmosphere, especially if you like good coffee.What you can have here is Specialty type coffee, imported by the founders and roasted right on the spot - a great place for coffee enthusiasts. You can order your drink and have in or outside the café, or you can take it with you and continue your exploration of the city.

And if you’re not much into coffee, you’ll still be surprised by the richness of their menu. Pumpkin-gingerbread with herbal tea, homemade walnut preserve, variety of freshly baked breads, and many more. I've been there during this holiday season and to tell the truth it felt like I've lived there for a while, it was amazing how warm and friendly the hosts are, how much they care about you and things you want to try in there. I think, this feedback from one of their guests summarizes all one can say about "Caffeine Brew Lab": “A hidden gem of artisanal craft coffee in the forested mountain resort town of Dilijan. The owners are kind and fun. A great place to hang for one cup of coffee or many!"

Caffeine Brew Lab, Dilijan, Armenia / Photo: Nane Khachatryan

Address: 38 Myasnikyan street, Dilijan

Phone number: +374 91 073733

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/caffeinebrewlab/

How to get to “Caffeine Brew Lab”: From the main bus station in Dilijan, walk until you get to the ring road. Turn right and walk up the winding road until you get to the stairs with lion statues on your right side. Go all the way up, you’ll end up on a wide street. Cross it to the other side and walk right a few meters, you’ll notice a wooden balcony (it once was my granny’s house by the way), the café is under it.


If you want to try some traditional Armenian dishes, then you definitely must come to “Khuch” restaurant. Even if you're a big fan of Armenian cuisine, this place will still amaze you, because it's different! Different in many way! They serve super delicious meals, and it doesn't cost much! You may be wondering what's "kchuch"? Well, "kchuch" is the Armenian word for a clay pot; they're used for cooking meals in ovens or on an open fire. And this restaurant uses "kchuch"s for all the hot dishes and other incredibly tasty dishes they serve to visitors. Kchuch's cooks literally think out of the box. They have barbecue, they have grilled vegetables, they have pizza prepared by the very traditions of the Italians. But... they’re all different! For example, you may order grilled vegetables thinking it'll be tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers like everywhere else in Armenia, but what you get is also carrots, walnuts, beans, zucchinis, beets. And all these covered with a tastiest honey based salsa, which just melts in your mouth. Oh, and make sure to try their variety of breads baked with different ingredients.

Grilled vegetables and pizze served at "Khuch" restaurant, Dilijan, Armenia / Photo: Nane Khachatryan

Address: 37 Myasnikyan street, Dilijan

Phone number: +374 41 886010

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KchuchDilijan/

How to get to “Kchuch”: The restaurant is located somewhat between the "Caffeine Brew Lab" and "Café #2". From the "Café #2", walk until you get to the ring road. Turn right and walk up the winding road until you get to the stairs with lion statues on your right side. Walk up the stairs and before you reach the wide street, on your right, you'll notice the "Kchuch" restaurant.