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Where to Hang Out in Yerevan on a Weekend

Calumet is a favorite hangout of the travelers visiting Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Where to Hang Out in Yerevan on a Weekend

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Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, boasts myriad weekend choices for every taste – whether you prefer buzzy and jazzy evenings, live classical music or dancing till dawn. If after a long hike in the mountains you want to spice up your trip to Armenia with some urban entertainment, check out the following list of hot spots in the city. And since the list intends to give you enough choice for your entire stay, you might as well bookmark it for future reference.


Enoteca wine bar in Yerevan, Armenia

Enoteca Wine Bar, Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Over the past few years boutique and more casual music venues have been popping up in Yerevan creating a cradle for the revival of jazz, blues and folk music once so characteristic of this highly artistic people. Along with the boost of tourism and especially in the busiest seasons you can find at least 10-15 greatly talented bands playing in the best venues to choose from on any given weekend evening.

A good way to know what’s on the menu is to check out your Facebook events page, or download the Yerevan Events mobile app and explore the events taking place in the city.


Located inside Moscow Cinema’s building in the center of Yerevan, the venue opens its doors to the public daily at 8:00 PM. It is one of the favorite music venues of the locals and here you can enjoy local and foreign bands performing in all genres starting from ethnic music to jazz and country. Be sure to reserve a spot before your visit. The same goes for almost all music venues mentioned in the article.

Address: 18 Abovyan St. | Phone: +374 91 509 020


Malkhas Jazz Club is one of the higher end jazz venues in Yerevan. The fact that the place is owned by the renowned Armenian jazz pianist Levon Malkhasyan makes it natural that here you can be sure to enjoy only connoisseur-level jazz and, most probably, also get to hear maestro himself play for you.

Address 52/1 Pushkin St. | Phone: +374 10 535 350 | Facebook page


FairWind band live at Stop Club in Yerevan, Armenia

FairWind Band live at Stop Club, Yerevan / Photo: Courtesy of Stop Club

Stop Club is a relatively small venue, so be ready for some thick clouds of cigarette smoke. The club is one of coolest venues to enjoy some great rock, contemporary, neo and ethnic music in Yerevan. Here you can also socialize with the younger local crowd.

Address: 37 Moskovyan St. | Phone: +374 10 560 780 | Facebook page


Another higher end jazz club in Yerevan, which very often offers performances by foreign artists and after-party gatherings after larger scale concerts. Again, be sure to reserve.

Address: 28 Isahakyan St. | Phones: +374 10 524 211; +374 98 206 206 | Facebook page


Enoteca is a wine bar, distillery and shop in Yerevan offering a wide variety of wines produced in Armenia and around the world. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue hosts live performances by renowned Armenian jazz musicians. The patio section creates a marvelous atmosphere for tasting fine wine, listening to music and enjoying the summer evening breeze.

Address: 6 Sayat-Nova Avenue | Phone: +374 91 549 471 | Facebook page


Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Yerevan, Armenia

Vadim Repin's first rehearsal with Philharmonic Orchestra/ Photo: Courtesy of Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra


Established almost a century ago, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra has hosted and performed with hundreds of world-famed musicians both in the realms of purely classical programs and fusion concerts with rock stars and jazz icons. Great musicians, such as Sviatoslav Richter, Mstislav Rostropovich, Giuseppe Giacomini, Isabelle Faust, Placido Domingo, Ian Gillan and many others have been accompanied by the Orchestra. Currently running the 2017 international Music Festival (Sept. 11 - Oct. 27), once again the Orchestra will be presenting best Armenian and international works to the audiences.

Address: 54 Tumanyan St. | Phone: +374 11 545 742 | Facebook page


Cutting the ribbon in 1933, for over 8 decades the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet has been the source of pride and joy for the nation, uplifting and inspiring for the future generations. The set program includes impeccable performances of Rachmaninov’s “Aleko”, “La Traviata” by Verdi, Tigranian’s “Anoush”, Spendiaryan’s “Almast”, Bizet’s “Carmen” and many others every season. If you’re a lover of ballet and you get the chance, don’t miss the Armenian masters’ exemplary “Giselle”, “Gayane” or “Don Quixote”. You will most definitely have a great experience to remember.

Address: 54 Tumanyan St. | Phone: +374 10 533 391 | Facebook page

Tickets for classical music events are surprisingly affordable. And sometimes the events are organized free of charge. You can buy the tickets in the ticket office next to the Opera House in Yerevan, or order them online at toms.am or tomsarkgh.am.


The Windrose live at Calumet, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

The bar and pub scene of Yerevan is as diverse as one may want, from hippie sitting-on-the-floor ethnic lounges to high-end rooftop see-night-Yerevan-from-bird-eye-view spots. Most of the bars and pubs are located within Yerevan's Small Center, which makes bar-hopping in Yerevan an easy and enjoyable activity - you can walk from one spot to another in 5 minutes. Extra bonus is the prices of $2 for a beer in most of the places and some $5-$8 for a fancy cocktail at a higher price-range spot. These places do not usually require prior reservation.


The Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar is perhaps the most popular venue to hang out in among travelers visiting Yerevan. Its one-of-a-kind atmosphere, unique design and super friendly staff members make you fall in love with Calumet. Besides, it’s a great place to experience popular experimental and new Armenian music bands. Your bar-hopping experience should not miss out on this place.

Address: 56a Pushkin St. | Phone: +374 99 881 173 | Facebook page


Located near the Cascade Complex in downtown Yerevan, Hemingway's Pub is another popular venue among visitors of Yerevan that gathers travelers just by the word of mouth. A wide selection of cocktails and snacks and club music will guarantee a wild enough experience to remember.

Address: 1a Tamanyan St. | Phone: +374 98 349 882 | Facebook page


Founded and run by expats, this place has a specific international flare and one of the best hookahs in town. You can take a table either at the patio right in front of the Cascade, inside or downstairs, if you’re into loud music and dances.

Address: 1 Tumanyan St. | Phone: +374 10 544 644 | Facebook page


Dargett Craft Brewery in Yerevan, Armenia

Dargett offers a wide selection of craft beer in Yerevan / Photo: Courtesy of Dargett

Dargett is a craft brewery, which showcases one of the widest selections of craft beers in Armenia. Here you can tease your taste buds with a cold glass of Belgian Tripel, American red ale, Black IPA or stout and combine it with high quality delicious snacks and meals. Dargett offers smoking, non-smoking and outdoor sitting areas. Often there’s a band playing as well.

Address: 72 Arami St. | Phone: +374 96 870 870 | Facebook page


Voskevaz Wine Time is a favorite hangout place of contemporary Armenian actors, artists, singers and TV celebrities who spend their evenings here in a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, this venue can boast one of the coolest boho-style interior designs in town. It specializes in presenting the production of Voskevaz winery, as well as snacks that go perfectly with it. Open till early morning hours.

Address: 8 Saryan St. | Phone: +374 60 706 262 | Facebook page


The Club restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia

The Club, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Of course, all the venues mentioned above also serve delicious dishes made from equally delicious ingredients growing on the Armenian soil. But if you are specifically looking for a dinner venue, you are lucky because Yerevan is just the city to be in. There are even restaurants like Ingredient for the most health-conscious of you, offering dishes specially developed by professional dietitians. Below are some of the restaurants worth visiting in Yerevan.


Arguably one of the most popular venues among travelers, expats and the intellectual crowds, The Club carries and serves French, as well as Armenian cuisine with French touch, a wide selection of wines and a special tea room offering a variety of traditional Chinese teas.

Address: 40 Tumanyan St. | Phone: +374 10 531 361 | Facebook page


Featuring a souvenir shop, an art gallery and a restaurant, this place is a great option to experience the Armenian dining. Inexpensive but quality Armenian dishes, seasoned with traditional Armenian service. Oh, and you’ll love the interior!

Address: 12 Abovyan St. | Phone: +374 99 580 658 | Facebook page


Twelve Tables restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia

Twelve Tables, Yerevan / Photo: Narek Aleksanyan

Travelers often call Twelve Tables a home away from home for its cozy atmosphere and delicious meals. The venue serves delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, too! And their chefs come up with new ideas every now and then, the recently introduced homemade vegan cakes and ice-creams that go perfectly with the wide range of teas and coffees served here. The Twelve Tables is a must!

Address: 40/63 Tumanyan St. | Phone: +374 94 540 042 | Facebook page


A newly opened restaurant that has already gained its devoted customers, Trapeza offers Mediterranean and European cuisine. The atmosphere here is soothing with beautiful interior design, and lunch and dinner menus provide a variety to choose from.

Address: Pushkin 40 St. | Phone: +374 10 535 865 | Facebook page


Where to hang out in Yerevan, Armenia - Wine Republic bar

Wine Republic is one of the few non-smoking wine bars in Yerevan / Photo: Courtesy of Wine Republic

As you may have already guessed, Wine Republic is all about making wine, drinking wine and worshipping wine! You’ll be impressed by the variety of wines they offer. Wine Republic is a non-smoking venue in Yerevan, has a most friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and a really delicious menu, which also includes seafood!

Address: 2 Tamanyan St. | Phone: +374 55 001 100 | Facebook page


If you’re up for a dining experience on a patio of a high rise, this is a good choice. Besides the breathtaking view, the place offers Mediterranean, Eastern European and European dishes. Try not enjoying the place to enjoy the presence of Mount Ararat or the sunset over Yerevan from this height.

Address: 15 Movses Khorenatsi St. | Phone: +374 11 770 990 | Facebook page


In addition to the music venues in the first section where dancing is not a must but a beautiful opportunity, there are venues especially dedicated to the promise to make your tomorrow a bit sore in the muscles with fragments of bodies dancing in the neon light popping here and there in the labyrinths of your hungover memory. But all jokes aside, Yerevan can boast a few clubs that can compete with best European clubs as to their quality of music, drinks, best local and guest DJs and overall atmosphere. Here are a couple of suggestions.


The club features 2 floors, a special VIP section, cool light effects and a nice selection of drinks. Foreign DJs are common here. Casual dress and an entrance fee apply.

Address: 3 Abovyan St. | Phone: +374 55 444 144 | Facebook page


Located on the 13th floor of Opera Suite Hotel in downtown Yerevan, the best feature of the place is it’s view of night Yerevan. The venue plays club music and occasionally invites popular bands. Be ready to wait for your drink for a little bit, but it’s a common feature of clubs with heavy traffic.

Address: 9 Baghramyan St. | Phone: +374 96 201 060 | Facebook page

It is simply impossible to mention all the great venues that are worth visiting in our city, but we hope this selection contributes to your great vacation in sunny Yerevan.