Botanics in Armenia

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The proposed 11-day package tour (guided) covers almost the entire country from north to south, introducing the rich and diverse flora of Armenia. There are over 3500 species of plants found on the territory of the country – more than half of the 6000 species of the entire region of Transcaucasia. Everything from desert plants to oak, beech and pine forests, wet marshland and sub-tropic plants to alpine meadows teeming with wild flowers can be found in the country.

There are even virgin fields of wild grain, the forebears of the first wheat in the ancient world, believed to have been cultivated in Armenia 12-15,000 years ago. Known by their genus names Triticum Urartu and Triticum Araraticum, the wheat is native to the Ararat valley and can be found in small protected fields between Yerevan and Garni.

During the journey, travelers will have an opportunity to see a large number of representatives of Armenian flora, such as Tamarix, Artemisia fragrans, Capparis spinosa, Iris elegantissima, as well as rare and endemic species such as Leontice armeniaca, Ornithogalum navaschilii, also Sphaerophysa salsua, Iris lycotis, Linum barseghianii, Consolida, Rhamnus pallasii, Tulipa biflora, and many more.

In and around the Azar river canyon, Pistacia mutica, Amygdalus fenzliana, Cerasus incana, Cerasus mahaleb, Pyrus salicifolia, Rhamnus pallasii, Spiraea crenata, as well as Astragalus, Acantholimon, Onobrychis cornuta can be found. Such new species as Pyrus sosnouskyi, Pyrus takhtajanii, Scrophularia zvartiana and many others were discovered here in the canyon. And in the upper parts, we can see the elegant Linaria armeniaca, Verbascum phoeniceum, Muscari, Belleualia.

Around the Aragats mountain, we will see Tulipa Julia, Ornithogalum gabrielianae – an endemic of Aragats mountain, Ornithogalum transcaucasicum, Ornithogalum hajastanum, О. brachystachys, Gladiolus tenuis – endemic of Caucasus, as well as Chartolepis glastifolia and Papauer orientate.

Tourists will also have an opportunity to visit some of Armenia’s most famous cultural, religious and historical sites, passing by stunning landscapes and breathtaking mountains. The botanical tour is a perfect combination of Armenia’s flora and its cultural heritage. Do not miss the amazing opportunity to discover and enjoy Armenia’s botanical world.

Prices includes:

  • English speaking botanists services
  • Accommodation according to the program
  • All transportation according to the program
  • Full board meals (10 L +10 D)
  • Local guides
  • Water in the bus (1 bottle of mineral water (0.5 l) per person per day)
  • 4WD car
  • Entrance fees

Prices excludes:

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Tips

*The price is given in USD per person with double/twin occupancy.

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