Cradle of World's Winemaking

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“Cradle of World’s Winemaking” is a 1-day guided tour, which introduces the history and traditions of Armenia's winemaking! We all know from Bible that the Noah’s Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. Leaving the ark and stepping out to the slopes of Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vine. And it’s not surprising that the world’s oldest winery is located in the Areni-1 cave in Armenia. The “Cradle of World’s Winemaking” tour includes a visit to one of Armenia’s most famous wine factories. A dinner in a small restaurant will be arranged, and the guests will taste homemade wine. After the dinner, we’ll visit the Ararat brandy factory of Yerevan. For the evening, the tour offers a visit to one of Yerevan’s wine bars with wine tasting and presentation of the wines by the winemaker.

Price includes:

  • Tour service
  • Transportation
  • Museums entrance fees
  • Armenian wine and cognac tasting
  • Lunch

*The price is given in USD per person.

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