Hiking Tour: Garni Temple to Havuts Tar Monastery

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Our 1-day guided hiking tour starts from the Garni pagan temple, taking us down to the Azat river gorge and up into the Khosrov Forest State Reserve where the ruins of the Havuts Tar monastery nestle on top of a bare hill. Built in the 1st century AD, the temple of Garni is the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia today. Following the narrow path, we will bypass the temple and descend to the Azat river gorge. Here, on both sides of the canyon seats one of the most impressive natural monuments of Armenia - the "Symphony of Stones". These magnificent basalt columns, which resemble a pipe organ, were formed millions of years ago as a result of volcano eruption. Walking along the Azat river, we will then hike up to the Khosrov Forest State Reserve. Named after the 4th century King Khosrov III of Armenia, the forest was once the king's hunting grounds. Today, it is home to over 1800 species of plants, while its fauna includes 40 species of mammals, 192 birds, 33 reptiles, 5 amphibians and 9 fish. The mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking mountainous scenes will impress even the most experienced travelers. And at the end of our route we will reach the ruins of the 11th century monastery of Havuts Tar.

During our trip, we will also visit the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site monastery of Geghard, founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator.

Hike duration: 4-5 hours

Distance: 11 km

Difficulty: Moderate

The price includes:

  • Pick up from hotel
  • English/Russian language hiking guide service
  • Radio communicators
  • Transportation
  • Lunch box
  • Bottle of water (1lt.)
  • Walking sticks
  • Light backpack
  • Sit mat
  • Entrance fee for Khosrov Forest State Reserve

*The price is given in USD per person.

**The tour is available upon request.

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