Unforgettably Delicious Armenia

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"Unforgettably Delicious Armenia" is a 1-day guided tour, which introduces the Armenian Cuisine, one of the oldest in the world, to the travelers. Armenian cuisine is a delicious combination of meat, vegetable and grain dishes. Armenian cuisine uses a great variety of different plants and herbs, too, the names of many of which you probably haven’t even heard before, but they’re widely used and loved by Armenians.

The national cuisine of Armenia various from region to region: what serves an ingredient for a dish in one region, sometimes doesn’t even grow in another one, thus, it is rarely seen on the table.

During this tour, you will not only enjoy various Armenian dishes and delicacies, but will also participate in culinary workshop to learn some of the secrets of the Armenian cuisine. Conversations with the chefs will give you no less pleasure than the dishes you’ll prepare with their help.

Price includes:

  • Tour service
  • Transportation
  • Workshops
  • 1 Glass of Armenian wine
  • Lunch

*The price is given in USD per person.

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